MIRAE ASSET Building on principles


A History of Innovation

  • Mirae Asset Global Investment Brazil changes its name to Global X Brazil
  • Mirae Asset Global Investments and Global X acquires ETF Securities in Australia
  • Mirae Asset Daewoo renames as Mirae Asset Securities
  • Mirae Asset Securities joins the ‘Global RE100’ as the first Korean financial company
  • Mirae Asset securities listed on Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for 10th consecutive year
  • Establishes Global X Japan, a joint venture ETF provider with Daiwa Financial Group
  • Mirae Asset Venture Investments lists on the KOSDAQ [Ticker: 100790.KS]
  • Mirae Asset Daewoo invests in spin off of Naver Financial to create leading payments and financial
    products platform
  • Acquires Global X, a leading ETF provider in the US
  • Acquires PCA Life, the Korean business of Prudential plc
  • Launches Mirae Asset Prevoir Life Insurance (Vietnam), a Joint Venture with leading French Insurer,
    Prevoir Vie
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Global Investments (Vietnam) in partnership with Vietnam’s State Capital
    Investment Corporation (SCIC)
  • Receives one of the first private fund management (PFM) licenses in China
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Capital Markets (India)
  • Mirae Asset Daewoo enters into strategic partnership with Asia’s leading technology company, Naver
    Corp, to develop next generation financial products
  • Launches first Asia Growth Venture Capital Fund with $1bn of assets under management
  • Leads consortium to invest $1bn in the master plan redevelopment of the Gyeongdo Ocean Luxury
    Resort in Yeosu, South Korea
  • Acquires Korea’s leading investment bank, KDB Daewoo Securities and rebrands as Mirae Asset Daewoo
  • Launches Multi Asset Global Investments (Korea)
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Global Investments (Australia)
  • Mirae Asset Life Insurance lists on the KOSPI [Ticker: 085620.KS]
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Financial Services
  • Launches first US-listed ETF on the NYSE
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Huachen Fund Management (China)
  • Acquires Horizons ETFs, a leading Canadian ETF provider
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Finance Company (Vietnam)
  • Launches first HK-listed ETF on the HKEX
  • Launches first US-domiciled actively managed mutual funds under the Mirae Asset Discovery Series
  • Launches Korea’s first Luxembourg-domiciled UCITs funds (SICAV)
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Securities (Brazil)
  • Releases first mobile trading service (MTS) in Korea
  • Harvard Business School selects Mirae Asset for a case study on Entrepreneurism and Business
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Global Investments (USA) and Mirae Asset Global Investments (Brazil)
  • Launches Mirae Asset’s first off-shore fund in Luxembourg
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Securities (USA)
  • Establishes Mirae Asset YiCai Investment Consulting (China)
  • Receives first Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) license from the China Securities
    Regulatory Commission
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Global Investments (UK)
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Securities (Hong Kong), Mirae Asset Securities (Vietnam) and opens first
    Representative Office in Beijing, China
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Global Investments (India)
  • Acquires Shanghai Mirae Asset Tower to become the first Korean institutional investor in Chinese
    real estate
  • Mirae Asset Securities lists on the KOSPI [Ticker: 006800.KS]
  • Mirae Asset Life Insurance Founded
  • Launches first overseas investment fund in Korea, the Mirae Asset Asia Pacific Star Equity Fund
  • Launches Korea's first private equity fund
  • Launches Korea's first real estate fund
  • Establishes the Mirae Asset Investment Education & Research Center (current Mirae Asset
    Retirement Institute)
  • Establishes Mirae Asset Global Investments (HK), Korea's first overseas investment company
  • Launches Korea’s first wrap account service
  • Launches Korea's first open-ended mutual fund, the Mirae Asset Independence Fund
  • Establishes the Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation
  • Mirae Asset Securities Founded
  • Launches Korea's first close-ended mutual fund, the Park Hyeon Joo Fund #1
  • Mirae Asset Investment Advisory Founded (current Mirae Asset Global Investments)
  • Mirae Asset Venture Capital Founded

Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China