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Global Recognition

Investment Excellence, Recognized Globally

Mirae Asset's extensive product suite of competitive
strategies with established track records is globally
recognized and have received a broad range of industry
awards and ratings from respected fund rating agencies.

Select Morningstar ratings of
Mirae Asset funds
Domicile Fund name Rating
India Mirae Asset Tax Saver Reg Gr rate
Luxembourg Mirae Asset Asia Growth Equity I USD rate
Luxembourg Mirae Asset China Growth Equity K USD rate
Luxembourg Mirae Asset China Sector Leader Eq A USD rate
Luxembourg Mirae Asset India Mid Cap Equity I USD rate
Luxembourg Mirae Asset Next Asia Pacific Eq J JPY rate
South Korea Mirae Asst Sst Asia Sect Ldr Eq K USDCap rate
South Korea TIGER Dow Jones 30 rate
South Korea TIGER Latin rate
South Korea TIGER NASDAQ100 rate
South Korea TIGER S&P Global Healthcare (Synth) rate
South Korea MiraeAsset AI Glbl Mmt Fdr Bal Ast-FoF F rate
South Korea MiraeAsset AP Cnsmr Grw Fdr Eq 1 A rate
South Korea MiraeAsset AP Consumer Advantage Eq 1 rate
South Korea MiraeAsset Asia Grw Fdr Eq-FoF Cpe Unhdg rate
As of June 2022
Morningstar rates funds from one to five stars based on how well they’ve performed (after adjusting for risk) in comparison to similar funds. Within each Morningstar Category, the top 10% of funds receive five stars, the next 22.5% four stars, the middle 35% three stars, the next 22.5% two stars, and the bottom 10% receive one star. Funds are rated for up to three time periods— three-, five-, and 10 years—and these ratings are combined to produce an overall rating. Funds with less than three years of history are not rated. Ratings are objective, based entirely on a mathematical evaluation of past performance. They’re a useful tool for identifying funds worthy of further research, but shouldn’t be considered buy or sell recommendations.

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